Every Funeral Home Offers Cremation Services

Every funeral home in town offers “Cremation Services”, but only one funeral home in town owns and operates their own crematory, Fred C. Dames.

When you own and operate your own crematory system you can always be more cost effective, efficient and accommodating than those who have to subcontract that part of the service to some third party provider, who you don’t know or will never meet.  

At Fred C. Dames we provide the very best cremation services in Grundy County.  Please click here for a price list of our Basic cremation services and you may click here for a list of our Moment in Time cremation services.  We are not only transparent in our service charges, but we provide these services in the most advanced state of the art facilities available.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and find out why so many families choose the Fred C. Dames difference.