Community Healing Public Speaking

Our professional calling is to guide each family that comes into our care through this very individual and complicated journey of the loss of a loved one. Quite often we find ourselves healing a community with the loss of a person that impacted many lives.

We have found that those who understand how to make a healthy grief recovery well before experiencing a loss are much better prepared when a loss occurs than those who do not.

Talking about end of life issues before loss is something that enhances the well being of the human condition. Knowing why certain things are important to people makes for a solid foundation of grief recovery.

Our funeral home staff has had the honor and privilege to speak to numerous organizations over many years.  Our invitations range from high school classes to veteran, civic organizations and everything in between. All of these engagements large and small concluded with the same result, a positive outlook on life.

A member of our staff also has multiple licenses in multiple states to provide continuing education as a course instructor for credit hours for licenses issued in this state by the Department of Professional Regulation.  

If you would like us to speak to your group about age specific or open and a select myriad of topics, we know they will walk away with a solid educational footing that will assist them at difficult times for years to come.

You can contact us with your request below.  We look forward to seeing you. 

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