We have found that the most loving and caring thing that you can do for your family is to leave behind details and information which permit your family to make the funeral service a loving tribute honoring the memory of the one they loved so much.

The wrong way is to compel your family to make numerous decisions and possibly a major financial transaction while they are burdened and confused with grief; they may be faced with unusual and unfamiliar situations and responsibilities.

The right way is to plan ahead for your family and loved ones, calmly and sensibly without the emotional burden.

A pre-arrangement is a gesture of love and concern for your family which assures them they will not be burdened with all the important decisions which must be made at a time of great emotional distress, and will not be left with any unplanned financial responsibility.  Your wishes as to funeral and burial, degree of formality, persons involved, funeral costs and other related details are fulfilled.  Knowing that all the arrangements are complete, and that nothing is left undone, provides great peace of mind for you and the survivors you leave behind.

Why Preplan...

"It's easier to do now than in the middle of a crisis." 

"I don't want my family to have to pay for it."

"I don't want my family to have to scramble for information or make tough choices."

"I'm going on Public Aid and need to prefund my funeral now."

Prearranging your funeral allows you to think clearly about funeral decisions.  It can be done at your convenience and often WITH a partner rather than alone.  Not only can prearranging save your family from unexpected financial need, but it can provide tomorrow's funeral cost at today's prices.

Planning ahead makes good sense.  It's the same type of preplanning we've been doing all of our lives.  We preplan our education, our health insurance, savings, auto purchases, vacations, and retirement.  Many people today are now also preplanning their funerals.

In addition to a simple phone enquiry or a no obligation advance funeral arrangement consultation we have created two online planning tools for our families.

Pre-arrangement and pre-payment of funeral expenses is particularly desirable for those persons who face the possibility of exhausting their assets in order to reach SSI/Medicaid or Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS/IPA) eligibility requirements for nursing home or other care. The Social Security law and DHS regulation allows individuals to set aside funds for their burial by entering into a prepaid irrevocable contract before their resources decline to the level required for Federal or State assistance. This makes it possible for Medicaid and IDHS recipients to be buried with dignity rather than being forced to spend those funds for survival before becoming eligible for benefits. Your presence of forethought will be rewarded by peace of mind in the future. 

The first interactive planning tool is our pre-arrange online module.  This allows a family to be directed to a password protected and encrypted portion of our website. It allows a family who is unsure what their preferences are.  Through a series of questions it allows us to better  understand and help them with their individual memorial tribute. Please for select the link below to access to this invaluable planning tool.

Encrypted Advanced Planning Online Module

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The second interactive tool is a simple request for pricing and advanced planning information. This page allows us to via U.S. Mail or email send advanced planning information and current funeral pre funding information should a family want not only prearrange but prefund their own specific final earthly tribute. Please click on the link below to fulfill this request.

Advanced Planning Information

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