Parking and Accessibility

Fred C. Dames Funeral Home

1201 W. Route 6 at Deerpath Drive
Morris, Illinois. 60450

Parking and accessibility, two words you don’t think of when selecting a funeral home.

Anyone with difficulty walking knows how frustrating it can be to find a parking space when limited parking is all that is available or the out pouring is so big that parking is hard to find. At Fred C. Dames we have over 150 years of experience in providing comfort at every level to those who call upon us, which includes ample close proximity parking.  Our funeral home is the only fully accessible, commercial funeral home in Grundy County specifically designed with all ground level construction, high volume commercial air conditioning and heating systems and the most ADA parking spaces available.  All of this is available to your family for charges that are as reasonable or in most cases more reasonable than any of our local funeral service colleagues.  We guarantee it.  Please scroll down and see for yourself some of the aerial views of parking facilities available at other funeral homes in the area.  We think you will see why so many families choose the Fred C. Dames difference.

Funeral Home A

Funeral Home B

Funeral Home C