The Best Value In Funeral Service

How do I get the best value in funeral service?

A funeral is a milestone, an unrepeatable event.  Careful consideration should be taken when selecting a funeral home. You may want to ask yourself, can the funeral home provide the services I am requesting?  Are their facilities capable of keeping our family and those who may attend comfortable?  Is there enough staff to ensure that my family's needs are met? Are they willing to provide me with a written price quotation of the services I am contemplating?

If you are not sure about any of these questions, we suggest that you stop in at the funeral home you are thinking about using for this very personal service and request a written cost estimate and general price list. Then stop in at Fred C. Dames and request the very same, that’s it. The best value is always your decision.

We are transparent in what we do, and we are open and honest about our funeral service charges.  We have found that families come to us with an innate sense of comfort knowing what to expect when they arrive.  This is why in the privacy of your own home, you can not only click here to review our pricing information, but can download a copy of it as well.  If you would like specific costs to the services that you are considering, please feel free to click here to our Pre-plan online encrypted service.  This will provide your family the peace of mind of knowing that Fred C. Dames is the right choice.