Apples and Oranges

You may think all funeral homes are the same, this would be like comparing apples and oranges. A funeral home that is a modified residential structure with air conditioning, heating, chapel space, common areas and parking designed for residential application is just not made to accommodate even modest groups of people.

At Fred C. Dames we have made the investment to bring the first modern day ground level, commercially designed funeral home to this community.  Just as we had done in 1938 in Joliet, with the first modern day funeral home of its kind anywhere. Our Grandfather demonstrated in 1938 his commitment to the comfort of his families with the investment in his community. Where do you think we learned it from?

As fifth generation funeral directors, it is our goal to provide the very best service, facilities, merchandise and equipment to the families that we have the privilege to serve at the most reasonable cost.  To view our service costs or the myriad of options available at Fred C. Dames, please click here.  We think when you compare pricing and facilities, you will discover why so many families, since 1854, select the Fred C. Dames difference.  We are so confident that we are as reasonable or more reasonable than any of our funeral service colleagues, that you may click here for our guarantee.