Memorial Presentation

These prices are effective as of January 9, 2020

This unique service allows a family to display “Precious Memories Photographs” on a television monitor in the chapel during the visitation. This technology allows all who attend, the ability to reminisce over the “Precious Memories Photographs” displayed in a dignified large scale format.

Some of our families want to provide these video tributes on their own. Of course we allow a brought in product however these are some of the difficulties we have had with some of the homemade videos brought in to us:

  • The homemade movie is not compatible with our online Memorial Tribute software.
  • Hours are spent putting together the homemade movie and it just doesn't play on our equipment.
  • Homemade movies generally move to fast for people to stop and talk about the images, and also heightens anxiety levels due to the video pacing.
  • Our charge to rent just the chapel equipment for a homemade movie is $85.00.
  • Think about this personal commitment to your family at the time of loss. Is your time better spent visiting with relatives or spending hours on this homemade video? You can be the judge, we would like to help.

Please ask your funeral director for a demonstration.