Our Guarantee

Our funeral service guarantee is simple.

We will honor any funeral home written price quotation with accompanying general price list or prearranged funeral contract.  This provides our prospective client family the peace of mind in knowing that they will receive the very best value possible.

Universal Funeral Service Contract Acceptance Program

A proven concept in funeral service based on an old idea, value.  This program was designed with traditional values in mind, as well as financial considerations at heart.  The program is simple.  If you or any member of your family has a pre-arranged funeral contract with any other funeral home providing funeral home service in Illinois or anywhere in the contiguous United States, the Fred C. Dames Funeral Homes will honor that contract in its entirety regardless of other funeral home charges.

This means a family‚Äôs arrangements at any funeral home will have the same funeral service, merchandise and amenities at either of the Fred C. Dames Funeral Homes spacious facilities at no additional cost.  This is the Fred C. Dames Funeral Homes  promise, here when you need us.