Selecting the Right Products

Now that you made a decision regarding burial or cremation for your loved one, you should to contemplate the products involved with your choice.

When you choose burial, you’ll need to consider a casket selection, and in most cases an outer burial container.  If your preference was cremation, then you may wish to browse our selection of cremation containers and urns.

As you sit with your Funeral Director to plan the funeral or memorial service, he or she will speak with you about personalization pieces and memorialization products. Below is our online catalog of what is available from our funeral home.


Commonly, funeral homes have a number of caskets that you can choose from very modest choices, including cloth-covered caskets, as well as ones made from various woods and metals. It is also possible to customize many of the caskets to further personalize your loved one.

Outer Burial Containers and Burial Vaults

Outer burial containers are usually required by a cemetery to prevent the settling of the gravesite, to facilitate grounds maintenance and these products allow the entrance of outside elements. However, many families choose to protect the casket and safeguard their loved one’s earthly remains through the purchase of a protective burial vault that exceeds cemetery regulations and resists the entrance of outside elements. This decision is strictly family preference and based solely on personal choice.

Burial vaults range from the non-protective outer burial container, and serves as basic protection from the gravesite elements; to lined protective burial vaults.

Cremation Vaults

When you choose cremation, a traditional casket is not required or recommended. However, you need to select a cremation container to hold the body of your loved one that is an alternative to the casket. Our funeral home will provide at no charge to our families a basic cremation container. If you choose to have a viewing or funeral service with the body present prior to the cremation, you may choose to rent a traditional casket designed specifically for that purpose for the that time to heal.

Cremation Urns

Following cremation rites, the cremated remains will be returned to your family in a relatively-ordinary, temporary plastic container. This container is perfect for keeping the cremated remains for a short time, prior to a scattering ceremony. Please note that most religions DO NOT support or condone the practice of scattering cremated remains. This is a very personal introspective decision and should be contemplated, as scattering is IRREVERSIBLE.

There are many reasons to purchase a more permanent, more elegant urn. These include:

  • If you plan to have a memorial service where the cremated remains will be present
  • If you plan to inter the remains in a columbarium niche where the urn will be visible
  • If you wish to keep the cremated remains in a place of honor at home
  • If the urn is to be buried in a cemetery that requires an urn/vault combination

Urns are made of numerous materials generally in categories of hardwood, metal or stone. We also offer a selection of unique, temporary (and biodegradable) urns for those selecting scattering at sea. There are also miniature urns, often called "keepsakes", which will hold a token portion of the cremated remains, a lock of hair, or earth from the grave site.

We offer a wide range of urns, in all price ranges.

Bringing Your Loved One’s Personality into the Service

The funeral or memorial service you plan for a loved one can be as personal as you wish it to be. Many families find great comfort in turning their thoughts inward for a time, to consider the personality, interests, and achievements of their loved one. Your Funeral Director will ask you to list one or two words describing any of the following things about your loved one:

  • Personal characteristics
  • Passions, interests, and hobbies
  • Lifetime Achievements

The Funeral Director will also ask you about:

  • The special memories you wish to share, or highlight at the service
  • The important people you’d like to note or include
  • How you’d like to personalize elements of the ceremony, such as the music, prayers, or recitations

Once you've given thought to the unique life and personality of the person who died, it's time to incorporate those memories into the funeral plan. Be creative as you, together with your family, friends, Funeral Director and the person who will lead the service, brainstorm how to remember and honor this special person.

A good way to personalize the funeral is to personalize the common elements of funeral ceremonies:

  • The visitation
  • The eulogy
  • The music
  • The readings
  • The procession
  • The committal service
  • The gathering or reception

If you have questions or would like to explore your options, please contact us.