What Makes Us Different

There is no substitute for experience. Our family has been caring for our community for five generations since 1854. There is something that is passed from generation to generation that enhances and defines us as committed to the healing of the human condition. We understand that a memorial tribute is an unrepeatable event, for that reason only the most qualified individuals are entrusted to the families that come into our care, not apprentices or funeral assistants. We take pride in making available to the families we are privileged to serve the finest, most comfortable, spacious technologically advanced facilities. Very few funeral homes own or operate their own crematory equipment on site, we do. This insures that no part of this service will be turned over to any third party service provider, whom you would never meet.

We do all of this in most cases more cost effectively than any of our local funeral service colleagues. We know that we serve our families more completely by providing information to what their funeral options are, before we even meet. We post our service and merchandise pricing here to help with decision making.  We believe we are the very best value at a time when, it just has to be right. We know there are other funeral homes in the area to choose from, we ask that you compare. But we also know that families, who turn to us during a time of loss, or for pre-arrangement planning, experience our very high standards of excellence and service. Just ask a neighbor or friend about the Fred C. Dames difference. These standards always incorporate transparency in business practices, service pricing, a myriad of choices and experienced assistance as well as:

  • 24 hour access to qualified caregivers when you need them.
  • Providing families with well-planned moments in time when they are needed the most.
  • Providing comfortable, peaceful surroundings where families and friends can gather to honor and celebrate life.
  • Helping families in our community make a healthy grief recovery using socially accepted pathways.
  • Offering innovative, truly personalized services and products geared toward individual needs.
  • Assisting families and individuals make their pre-arrangement plans.
  • Reaching out to the greater community with educational seminars and grief support programs.

We offer professional guidance, personal and specialized attention before, during and after the loss of a loved one. Our reputation for honesty and integrity is very well-known, and it is our most valuable asset.

  • Traditional Funerals with Burial, Entombment, Donation to Science or Transfer out of the State or Country
  • Traditional Funerals with Cremation to follow
  • Personalized Funerals to the Individual or group to be honored
  • Memorial, Graveside Services and Specialized Off Site Services
  • Various Cremation Options, Basic Services, Coordination, Supervision, Memorial and Moment in Time.
  • Military Honors for Veterans

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your family’s unique needs. Each of us is confident that we can, and will, do our utmost to meet – and exceed – your expectations.