Our Dedicated and Experienced Staff

Many of the families that call on us for help each year have cited different reasons for doing so. Some say, because of the beautiful facilities we have, others have indicated that it was a matter of costs and value. We believe it is our associates. " Any doctor can stitch up a wound, but those with experience leave very little scarring." We surround ourselves with only the very best in what they do, we always have. We are very proud of the people we work side by side with and we think you will be too.

Each of the staff members at Fred C. Dames Funeral Home is committed to providing your family with the finest in personal care. In fact, for years, it’s been comforting for area families to know that we are available to help at any time of the day or night.

When a loved one is called home, all you need to do is make one phone call. From that moment on, we’ll take on the responsibilities of the physical care of your loved one, and the emotional care of those left behind.

Please take a few minutes to get to know our staff. We’re sure you’ll find each of us to be all that you would hope for in a trusted funeral professional.

Mark L. Dames, Funeral Director
(1932 -2020)

Our father was eternally grateful that the good Lord gave him time for a commitment free life following retirement, because not everyone is graced with the opportunity to grow old.  Being a dedicated Funeral Director leaves little time for anything other than helping those families when they call all hours of the day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Upon retirement, a whole new world of adventure had opened up.  His favorite thing in the world was spending quality time with his wife, children, grandchildren, family and friends; this would be living his best life.  Traveling across this great country and overseas, with our mom by his side, was definitely in his the top ten of great moments.  Walking and collecting shells on the Siesta Key Beach where he has spent most of his winters.  Growing up we were astounded at our fathers ability to recall everyone's name, their spouse, their children, their parents names, where they worked and a myriad of other details.  It didn't matter where we went in the country dad knew who he was talking to.  Eating, drinking, dancing, laughing and telling jokes to anyone who would listen, and even to people that did not want to listen, was the retired Funeral Director way.  We will miss his aura, the thing that made him unique, but we know we will see him again.  We shall live our lives to the fullest because that is what he wants.  Until we meet again, thanks for everything.

Jeffrey M. Dames, Funeral Director
Email: jeffrey@fredcdames.com

Jeffrey is a fifth generation funeral director, semi retired and the eldest son of Mark and Sharon Dames. He is married to Tina and has two children, Alexis "Lexie" and Jeffrey Jr. A graduate or Worsham College of Mortuary Science, Lewis University and Joliet West High School Class of 1980. Former commercial pilot ,chief pilot for hire flight and a licensed funeral service continuing education instructor. Former parishioner of the Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus.   A family man dedicated to his profession.

Brian L. Dames, Funeral Director
Email: brian@fredcdames.com

Brian, is also a fifth generation director. Married to Shelley, he has three children, Sarah (Nick) Holloway, Shannon (Grant) Simotes and Shaun Dames; two stepchildren and four step-grandchildren and a new grandchild Nora. A graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science, Joliet Junior College and Joliet West High School Class of 1983. Brian is starting to enjoy seniority, spending more time with family and less at the home. Given a lifetime of dedicated 24 hour call, we think that is ok.

Fred J. Dames, Funeral Director
Email: fred@fredcdames.com

Fred is the youngest of the fifth generation of directors. He is married to Theresa (nee Valdez) and has two children Mark and Julia Dames. He also is a graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science, University of South Florida and Joliet West High School. Fred the youngest of the three is now the first to arrive at work and the last to leave.

Patrick Prignano, Funeral Director and Manager
Email: patrick@fredcdames.com

Patrick is an associate director and can be counted on to be there day or night. His diverse skill set makes him an asset in any task that needs to be addressed. He is a graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary science. He is married to Dawn and has three children.

Marlena Jurek, Funeral Director and Manager
Email: Marlena@fredcdames.com

Marlena Jurek is an Illinois Licensed Funeral Director, Embalmer and Crematory Operator. She has a long and consistent record of exemplary service in her chosen profession. She demonstrated that she understands this calling and that setting the bar high everyday is the only way to conduct yourself in this profession. One of the kindest and most considerate soul's that we have the pleasure of spending the day with.

She is a graduate of Chicago City Wide College of Mortuary Science. Marlena resides in Plainfield where she is raising her son Nathan and her daughter Parker.  

Michael Fantin, Funeral Director
Email: michael@fredcdames.com

Michael comes to us as a quite stalwart professional. He is a graduate of Ivy Tech of Mortuary Science, he is also a certified crematory operator. Michael has a daughter Alyssa who is the love of his life. Through rain or snow or dark of night, Mike will be there when he is needed. 

Kelly A. Boyd, Funeral Director                                                                                                                                   Email: Kelly@fredcdames.com

“There is no substitute for experience.” We are pleased to announce a new addition to our family of care givers, Kelly Boyd.  Kelly is a graduate of Southern Illinois University in 1997 and has over 20 years of experience as a Funeral Director. She has three children Michael, Dugan and Audrey. As a former Cub Scout leader she developed a love for camping and hiking with the kids, this is now their favorite family activity. A member of St. Mary Immaculate Parish and School in Plainfield, were she enjoys volunteering as needed. Service to humanity are not just words, it is a lifestyle.

Kristen Klover Cheek, Funeral Director                                                                                                             Email: kristi@fredcdames.com

Kristi was born and raised in Joliet, a graduate of Joliet Catholic Academy, College of St. Francis, and Worsham College of Mortuary Science. After taking time off to raise her children she decided to go back into funeral service which she so deeply missed. Being a Funeral Director for her is not a career, but a way of life, and she is so glad to be back in her hometown to serve and support the community which she so dearly loves.

Kristi is married to Todd, she has three children, Kenny, Andy , and Torey; and 2 step-children. She loves spending time with her family and friends, and supporting all the kids in their activities. 

Joseph Newton, Funeral Director
Email: joe@fredcdames.com

Joseph is semi retired and can be counted on to come in from time to time and help out.  Joe understands the personal commitment needed for every family you serve when it is your name outside on the sign. He has four children and six grandchildren. A graduate of  Worsham College of Mortuary Science and the University of Illinois.

 Larry Sakellaris, Pre Arrangement Funeral Counselor                                                                                          Email: larry@fredcdames.com

Larry is a trained Pre-Arrangement Counselor and very detail oriented.  His goal is to see that families who have questions, leave with answers. "Everyone should have a road map to follow if you are not there to guide them," says Larry.  He is a native of the Washington, DC area, and currently resides in Mokena, he has 3 children that are the center of his universe.  He  is driven to conduct himself as gentleman to show by example that he is a good role model for his profession and his children. Larry is also Greek and if he hasn't told you" he loves being Greek."

Tina Dames, Comptroller
Email: tina@fredcdames.com

Tina started as a fill in "temporary" bookkeeper 30 years ago. She is the part that touches almost everything.  She does it all, answers the phones, pays the bills makes sure all of the details have been checked and rechecked. We appreciate her continued dedication to the best we can be. She is the moral support who everyone in the building turns to after a tragic or emotional day. She without a doubt with her unwavering support, an intricate part of this high functioning team.  

Bernadette Mahoney-Wheet / Cremationist and Funeral Directors Assistant                                                         Email: bernadette@fredcdames.com        

Bernadette is a certified crematory operator and performs many of the myriad of tasks that adds to comfort of each family that we serve. She grew up and resides in the Plainfield and Joliet area. When she is not enhancing the quality of our services she enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and darling children.

 Katie Peterson, Funeral Directors Assistant and Floral Design and Arrangement Specialist                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Email: katie@fredcdames.com

Katie has been with us for over ten years now. She graduated from Joliet Junior College with a degree in Floral Design. She is a Morris native who has a passion for helping in any way in her community. When she isn't working she loves to travel, spend time outdoors and with family but her greatest passion is taking care of her two sons.

Ashley Borkus, Funeral Directors Assistant                                                                                                              Email: ashley@fredcdames.com

Ashley has been a Plainfield and Joliet area resident most of her life. She brings a dedicated business acumen coupled with a kind and generous personality. Her reassuring voice brings an innate calm to those whom she interacts with. Ashley is recently married, and has added another addition to their new family, a new baby girl, bringing them to a family of 6!  Truth be told her hobby is combining the right grapes into a perfect pairing for her own homemade wine. She enjoys being helpful in many ways and we enjoy the cohesive environment she helps to foster.

Rogelio Trevino, Operating Superintendent                                                                                                       Email: rogelio@fredcdames.com

We are proud to announce our operating superintendent Rogelio Trevino. A former United States Marine, there is no task around the funeral home that is not completed with the comfort and experience of our families in mind. He tells us that he married to his high school sweetheart and best friend Cindy, they have two boys who are his self described sidekicks.  His family is his drive, motivation and sets an example by deed and not word.  He loves family time, hiking, playing sports, doing anything adventurous, and traveling.  We are grateful to have this soft spoken, well mannered, hard charging individual be a part of our organization.