From left to right, Al Thompson, Operating Superintendant, Sharon Rudman, Floral Designer, (not pictured) Katie Peterson, Administration /Floral Designer, Patrick Prignano, Funeral Director, Amanda Moscato, Administration/ FD Assistant, Fred Dames, Funeral Director, Tina Dames, Bookkeeper, Brian Dames, Funeral Director, Jeffrey Dames, Funeral Director, Elizabeth Bishop, Administration/ Floral Designer, Joseph Newton, Funeral Director, Marlena Jurek, Funeral Director, Michael Fantin, Funeral Director and David Garbacz, Funeral Director.

Fred C Dames Funeral Home and Crematory Receives County Wide Readers Choice Award.

We are humbled to have been selected as the Best Funeral Service in all of Will County by the readers of the Joliet Herald News.  To be selected as the best in a county with over 30 funeral service providers is a prestigious honor.

We think our philosophy says it best,

“We are here for you and have been for five generations since 1854. That may seem like a simple and obvious statement, but it is all too uncommon.

 We are not like other funeral providers. Not in philosophy, not in practice.

We are dedicated to the belief that the process of grief is not a business proposition but rather an emotional, human passage to be treated with dignity and conscience.

 That is our sole motivation. We are not like others, nor do we strive to be. We promise to take you through this difficult time with care, with sensitivity, and with thoughtfulness.

We do not hurry decisions. We do not feel there is a relationship between what is spent and what has been lost. There is only what is right for you and your family.

We encourage you to decide what your own approach and values dictate, what makes you comfortable, what your loved one would have wanted, and to follow that guidance.”

It is a fulfilling life to be dedicated to be of service at the moment another human being needs our help.   

Being a funeral director extends far beyond a funeral, memorial or celebration of life service.  It has the conditional effect of how an individual or society will evolve as a whole.  When a human being experiences the death of a loved one, grief can be overwhelming if not directed through the appropriate pathways of making a healthy grief recovery.  This does not mean trying to forget or moving on, this means understanding the very deep and intense emotions you feel and to begin to process them so that you can live a complete and full life as the deceased would have wanted for you.  This is the way you honor those who have died, by healing those who will live on in their memory. The responsibility of the experienced funeral service professional is to ensure that all who come into his or her care show the indicators of making a healthy grief recovery.  Only then can those who have experienced the loss begin to live their lives fully and completely.  There is only one opportunity to approach the loss of someone close and navigate the needs of the surviving individual to determine what may ultimately help them. Those who don’t approach this moment in time with the significance that it deserves may find themselves harboring  feelings of grief that may manifest themselves in ways that you would not expect or even recognize as unresolved grieving.  It is our responsibility as a profession to ensure that those that are left behind are able to find resolution and live to their fullest potential following one of the most difficult events in life.

What you spend on a funeral has nothing to do with the love you feel for the person you lost. 

We have for over five generations not only strived to heal the human spirit, but to provide each family we have the privilege to serve the best value available anywhere in our profession.  We are able to accomplish this four ways.  The first is to engage only those like minded industry professionals who continually exceed the expectations of their employer and the families that they serve. We are appreciative to work alongside some of the best professionals who believe as we do that excellence is not just a word, it is an accomplishment. The second is to construct, operate and maintain the finest and most accommodating facilities that offer a cost effective operational footprint to manage.   Third, to purchase goods and services in conjunction with our affiliate company, Professional Partners, which provides good and services collectively for hundreds of funeral homes across the country.    This allows us to be on the cutting edge of providing a more quality facility, more staff, and more quality choices, more cost effectively than anyone else in our Will County, Grundy County and Nationwide Service Area. Finally be transparent, we provide funeral price information 24 hours per day, either in person, by phone or online at

It has always been our goal, for five generations, to be there when people need us the most.  Day in and day out, within our practice, we always knew we were upholding our founding principles.  With this honorable distinction, we humbly and gratefully thank our community for this very personal recognition.

The Fred C. Dames Funeral Home and Crematory Staff and Families